2015 Press Information

2015 Potomac Snakehead Tournament Press Information

PRESS CONTACT: Austin Murphy (austin.murphy@potomacsnakehead.com), Potomac Snakehead Tournament Director

Anglers Combat Snakeheads for Cash and Prizes at the 2013 Potomac Snakehead Tournament

Event Date: May 30 and 31st, 2015

The Potomac Snakehead Tournament will award cash prizes in two separate categories.  The 1st place team with the heaviest total of Snakeheads harvested by bowfishing and the the 1st place team with the heaviest total of Snakeheads caught by rod and reel methods (including fly-fishing) will receive a cash prize.  The rankings will be based on total weight within each category.  If two teams have the same weight at the end of the tournament, the prize will be split.  Additionally, a cash prize for second place will be awarded for heaviest total of Snakeheads in each category. Remaining cash prizes will depend on the number of entries for the event. A generous raffle will be held for tournament participants and a percentage of tournament profits will be donated to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to help fight invasive species in the Potomac River watershed.

Participants can fish by using conventional rod and reel methods and/or can bowfish beginning May 30, 2015, at 6 p.m. until May 31, 2015, at 12:30 p.m., anywhere on the tidal Potomac in Maryland or Virginia. The cost to enter is $60 if paid in advance on-line or $70 if paid in person on May 30th. The 2015 Potomac Snakehead Tournament is open to anyone with a valid Maryland or Virginia Fishing license.

Potomac Snakehead Tournament Goals:

  • Promote the sport fishing of Snakeheads to reduce the population of these fish in the Potomac and its tributaries.
  • Raise public awareness of Snakeheads as a high quality, commercially viable, food source.
  • Support the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in its efforts to combat invasive species throughout the Potomac River watershed.

There will be delicious snakehead tastings and a Flying Dog Beer tasting served after the weigh-in on Sunday, June 1st. Several local chefs will serve snakeheads: Chef Chad Wells from Rockfish Annapolis. Additionally, blue catfish, another invasive species invading our local waters will be prepared by the Whackfactor Outdoors Pro-Staff.  Flying Dog Brewery, the official beer of the Potomac Snakehead Tournament, will provide a beer tasting for tournament participants 21 and over.  The snakehead tasting will be open to the public at no cost.  Curious foodies are encouraged to attend!

The Potomac Snakehead Tournament is presented by Whackfactor Outdoors, LLC, with sponsorship from Profish, Alewife Baltimore, Flying Dog Brewery, Deale Aquaculture Farm Inc, Swann Construction Company Inc, AMS Bowfishing, and  Muzzy Inc. Port Tobacco Pickers will be performing live after the weigh in.

Official tournament events will take place at Smallwood State Park, 2750 Sweden Point Road, Marbury, MD 20658. All participants are strongly encouraged attend the pre-tournament conference at 5 p.m. May 29th, 2014. Guest speakers will include Joseph W. Love, Ph.D. Tidal Bass Manager, Maryland Department of Natural Resources; and Joshua J. Newhard, Fisheries Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

For full details on this tournament and to register, please visit the Whackfactor Outdoors website at:http://www.potomacsnakehead.com


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