Potomac Snakehead Info

Check out my new venison recipe in @deerhuntingmag I had a lot of fun with it & hope you try it. #LiveSustainably


RT @deerhuntingmag: Facing Winter, Heat, Diseases, Hunters, Predators — Deer Are Masters of Survival https://t.co/UCTyjrwfp0 https://t.co/9…

Fossil hunting on the #Potomac Found lots of sharks teeth from the Paleocene...about 60 MILLION years old!… https://t.co/lB9d8RnsIT

Much respect to Derrick Lewis @Thebeast_ufc for his hard work in Houston! #HarveyRelief @MikeIsabellaDC @moves13https://t.co/JsS2Wf7bhD

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RT @houstonpolice: Anyone with a boat who can volunteer to help please call 713-881-3100 #HurricaneHarvey

Witnessing a musical genius @iambkennedy in flow state of creativity ...restores my faith in humanity.… https://t.co/pitgKN7Tma

Good Food and Great Friends in LA. Thanks for a great time! @iambkennedy @Enpho #ILoveLA #AbottandKinney #Gjelinahttps://t.co/QtLEyjj7yL

What a great night! #UFC214 The GOAT has been crowned @JonnyBones. Thanks for the cheese! @MikeIsabellaDChttps://t.co/Y0BEZ8lQox

RT @NancyMatsumoto: Nice to see the radically invasive snakehead fish on the menu @thipkhaoDC Laotian restaurant #eatinglocal #eatinginvas