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RT @chefchadwells: This is how you cook a Sunday dinner on a cold night! Ribeyes in the wood stove. #cheflife🔪… https://t.co/3i9ZWEZItt

RT @worldarchery: We’re at the @ATATradeShow in Indianapolis, checking out the latest from the #archery industry. #ATA2017 https://t.co/eDL…

RT @chefchadwells: @MDVAsnakehead @MikeIsabellaDC as well he should. Could have been killed by a juiced up freak. Might win too.

RT @fishlaxin: Don't forget your winter fishing motivation... Enjoy #flyfishing https://t.co/sLM8RxfV6H

RT @grist: There are over 3,000 U.S. communities with lead levels twice as high as in Flint https://t.co/PullQouw0h https://t.co/zRVyHscW3P MDVAsnakehead photo

RT @Chef_mbaker: Gettin all kinds of dirty with this delicious @nevinmartell #hogwild2 sandwich @GbyMikeIsabella @MikeIsabellaDC supporting…

RT @outsidemagazine: Wild boars affected by radiation from Fukushima are some of the most destructive animals in the world. #nosleep https:…

RT @richardfarino: And just as you were rioting over Congressional ethics, this quietly crept by.

Bye bye wilderness and federal... https:…

RT @ChesBayJournal: Maryland still mulling cownose ray bowfishing limits:
https://t.co/kvLuwrRaON https://t.co/gb9uF0lOog
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RT @bassosaurus_rex: @MDVAsnakehead there are few things cooler than a hobbyist who is very dedicated to their sport

My nephew flying his drones and a drone propeller graveyard. #DroneLife https://t.co/pfJLw0txlS MDVAsnakehead photo

Wow...such precise strikes and excellent control of range. Thanks for the cheese! #UFC207 @chefchadwellshttps://t.co/k55n982amo

RT @ChesBayJournal: Derelict Pots Killing More Than 3 Million Crabs Each Year In The Bay:
https://t.co/Svt212Nxa3 https://t.co/KmmevqABQA
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RT @foundmyfitness: Exercise before learning helps you pump up your short-term memory, exercise after seems to help long-term recall. https…

RT @ziyatong: Nothing unusual here:
• North Pole to warm to 50 degrees above normal
• It's snowing in the Sahara desert
• Antarctic sea ice…